Presenting Data Visually

Think outside the spreadsheet

Expert presenters know you've got to illustrate the meaning behind your data. Used correctly, it will clearly elevate your key points. Used incorrectly, it will cause confusion or misinterpretation of your message and stall decision-making.

Capture the perfect snapshot of your most critical data with a clear call-to-action and visual story. Leveraging TPC’s key principles of expert charting, our Presenting Data Visually workshop will arm you with best practices for creating compelling, easy-to-digest charts and graphs using your organization’s brand standards. Whether you’re presenting data for quarterly sales or marketing reviews, or providing program updates, we'll help you visually tell your story with data.

The benefits are simple:

  • Clear, concise data
  • More informed leadership
  • Faster decision-making

Learn how to:

  • Tell a story with charts that helps your audience quickly understand your message
  • Balance data with visual design best practices by thinking like a designer
  • Save time building charts and graphs using shortcuts and templates

Sample transformation

image description

Thank you for this great training session. The key takeaway for me was that you can present data in a clean and simple way, but communicate the message in an even more compelling manner!

Web Operations Manager Hewlett-Packard


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