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Webinar: How to Tell Visual Stories Virtually

Neuroscience tells us that two powerful tools — storytelling and visuals — capture attention and drive people to action. The best storytellers do this because they remember one important fact: people are 22 times more likely to remember a message or data if it’s wrapped in story. So why not present that way? Join in... Continue reading

Webinar: How to Connect with Executives Through Story

You’ve got minimal time with big decision-makers. They’ve got competing priorities. Want to make your time count? Learn to create a strong, story-filled narrative they’ll easily grasp, remember, and act on. Watch as Janine Kurnoff explores the strategy behind presenting to busy, impatient, get-to-the-bottom-line executives. In this one-hour webinar, Janine discusses how to develop a ‘BIG... Continue reading

How to Prevent the Top 5 Blunders During an Executive Presentation [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to presenting your ideas to executives, we know this for sure: more data is not necessarily better. Unfortunately, most of us have learned this the hard way. We’ve struggled to make distracted, hyper-impatient, executives focus on our key messages. Let’s run through 5 simple ways to prevent some of these common mistakes: Continue reading

TPC Contributes to What Do Unforgettable Emails Do? They Tell A Story

Here’s the bitter truth: Your 800-word opus on the status of your upcoming product launch looks like a horrifying avalanche of words on your boss’s computer screen. She clicked out of it immediately, terrified of losing half an hour of her day slogging through all your carefully crafted prose. Within minutes, the ideas you labored... Continue reading

Got Data? Here’s How to Give It Meaning

We spend an incredible amount of time and money collecting data.  That’s because data justifies nearly every business decision we make. But too often, we overwhelm customers, prospects and those executives who intimidate us with WAY too many numbers. The result? You’ve just lost your chance to actually provide strategic insights. This is HUGE mistake.   Continue reading

TPC Contributes to For High Stakes Email, You Need A Killer Subject Line

For a startup, reaching investors, board members, key partners and business reporters is essential to your success. But most business people get over 100 emails a day — and at least 30% of that is spam. How can you ensure your crucial communications will cut through the noise? The key, it turns out, is one... Continue reading