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TPC Contributes to For High Stakes Email, You Need A Killer Subject Line

For a startup, reaching investors, board members, key partners and business reporters is essential to your success. But most business people get over 100 emails a day — and at least 30% of that is spam. How can you ensure your crucial communications will cut through the noise? The key, it turns out, is one... Continue reading

Business of Story Podcast: How to Plan Your Presentations for Effective Results

Ready to directly confront your fears and anxieties about presentations? Good. Because the Presentation Company Founder, Janine Kurnoff, joins the Business of Story Podcast to lay out the ingredients and the process to whip up effective visual stories for your next meeting. Janine dives straight in to the hardest part of presentation building — getting... Continue reading

This One Small Investment Will Save Your Team Hundreds of Hours Per Year

“I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or laugh knowing how many wasted hours I’ve spent designing decks,” is a line your CFO does not want to hear! Unfortunately, whether people admit it or not, this is a universal problem. The productivity lost tinkering with presentations is staggering. Every time we manually adjust shapes,... Continue reading

TPC Contributes to 3 Things Your Company Needs To Know About Storytelling

Remember the last time you were stuck in a business presentation with endless bullets, heavy data, and text-filled slides? Last week? Yesterday? Right now? Business meetings are notoriously boring, which is why companies like Facebook, Hewlett Packard and Pepsi are seizing upon a better way to communicate ideas in business — through the narrative device... Continue reading

TPC Contributes to Want Your Boss to Love Your Big Idea? Follow This Advice

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION FROM INC.COM Maybe you’ve got a new initiative that needs funding, you’re trying to close a deal that will skyrocket Q4 revenues, or you’re just trying to keep the boss (or your boss’s boss) awake during a product status update. Regardless of the content, having to make a presentation to busy, impatient,... Continue reading