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Your Data Is Begging For This Webinar

Data justifies nearly every business decision we make. But too often, we go through the effort of gathering loads of data, only to display it in a way that doesn’t deliver any visual punch. Besides deflating the impact of your story, endless charts and tables cause misinterpretation of your ideas. Perhaps you’ve taken (or heard... Continue reading

How to Build a Culture of Learners

How did you actually learn to drive a car? Was it the Drivers Ed classroom, or when you actually buckled up, turned on the engine, and pressed the accelerator? We apply this same logic to our storytelling and data visualization workshops. We’ve doubled down on experiential learning — both onsite and with virtual trainings. Because we... Continue reading

Calling Out Your Key Data:
Part 3 of TPC’s Data Visualization Series

Throwing a bunch of tables and charts into a presentation doesn’t make for great data visualization – just ask your boss. 🙂 Nobody wants to sit through slide after slide of numbers jammed on screen. So what does make for great data visualization? Creating focal points. And the best way to create focal points is... Continue reading

Write Headlines that Report the News:
Part 2 of our Data Visualization Series

We all know that telling a story with our data is what gives it meaning. But sometimes, it’s difficult to know how much data to include. We have a simple way to determine what’s worth including…can you give this chart a meaningful headline? Does it move forward the story you want to tell? Headlines are... Continue reading

Your Data Needs a Story:
Part 1 of our Data Visualization Video Series

Let’s address the elephant in the room: We’ve all witnessed presentations by well-meaning data gatherers — who offer charts and tables galore — but fail to distill their numbers into a clear, digestible, meaningful message. It’s true that data provides the crucial evidence to influence decisions. But executives say data is rarely presented in a... Continue reading