Designing Interactive Virtual Training

Build for virtual, not face-to-face

Struggling to create virtual and e-learning curriculum that is engaging and keeps your audience accountable? We can help but it takes much more than just good content…

We follow one simple rule: build for virtual, not face-to-face. Learn to keep your audience attentive, engaged and accountable whether you need to adapt classroom curriculum to VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Trainings) or simply want to create professional, interactive content for e-learning. Designing Interactive Virtual Training teaches instructional designers (IDs) how to balance content and design with virtual tools and interaction to ensure course objectives are met.

We'll teach you to partner with subject matter experts, then use an iterative design process that's fast and fresh, but still grounded in the time-tested principles of ADDIE. You'll get TPC’s five basic principles of online course development to arm your IDs with everything they need to SAY, DO and SHOW to create a learner-centered design. See why some of the best brands in the world have relied on TPC's workshops to transform their e-learning and virtual learning initiatives.

The benefits are simple:

  • Cutting-edge virtual content
  • Interactive sessions
  • Smart delivery strategies

Learn how to:

  • Apply the five basics of online course design to convert traditional classroom training into virtual content
  • Incorporate an experiential learning approach and leverage virtual tools to conduct report-outs, exercises, coaching sessions and much more 
  • Adopt visual design techniques to help drive content and ensure retention

Workshop snapshot

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It did not take us long to realize we wanted to work with TPC on converting our course materials from ILT to VILT. After seeing their work, it is clear they are in a league of their own, redefining this space. We are delighted with the experience and extensive knowledge of the team. Their responsiveness and adherence to schedule has exceeded our expectations.

Chief Executive Officer Zenger Folkman

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