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Visual Message Training

It's a fact: Most presentations fall flat due to overly complex messaging, distracting visuals and poorly displayed data. Simplify and transform your ideas into memorable, persuasive, visual stories that go beyond words and drive business conversations forward.

Storytelling without visuals is only half the story

Executives, key stakeholders and, most importantly, your customers are looking for presentations that deliver high value and relevance. Jumpstart your next presentation with visual storytelling strategies.

Over half of what people remember in a presentation is visual — so why not communicate that way?

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Virtual Presentation Training

Virtual meetings are the new norm for critical business conversations. Yet, most presenters share lackluster, web-based slide shows that fail to engage their audience. Arm yourself with best practices and virtual tools that clearly sell your ideas online.

Get the right balance of content, tools and technology to drive your messages home 

Whether you're presenting to five people or 500, communicating online entails far more than just having excellent public speaking skills or industry expertise. In fact, many consider giving a virtual presentation even scarier than a face-to-face presentation. Now is the time to get empowered and eliminate your fear by learning to develop and deliver a well-prepared, engaging, informative and, dare we say, entertaining virtual presentation.

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Custom Consulting

What do the top-rated Silicon Valley firms have in common? They're using TPC as their partner to create and roll out corporate training at lightning speed.   

Rapidly deployed training that goes above and beyond the norm; both virtually and face-to-face

Companies like Facebook, Apple and Cisco have relied on our expertise and suite of services to help execute their company training goals. Let us help customize a training roadmap with instructional design for VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) or Web Conferencing consultation. Learn how to market faster and transform the way your company delivers training.